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Összes SFVI™

SFVI™ (Smart Filter Volume Imaging)

Clear SFVI™ (Smart Filter Volume Imaging™) is an optimization tool for 3D imaging. This feature removes unwanted noise, resulting in a clearer image. Activating Clear SFVI™ gives you a premium quality 3D image in seconds.

Detailed SFVI™ (Smart Filter Volume Imaging™) allows for sharp border definition on a 3D image. The activation of this single function reduces the need to manipulate multiple modes. Operators will appreciate the immediate clarity obtained through Detailed SFVI™.
Klinikai előnyök
Samsung Medison’s SFVI™ is single touch-activated, resulting in the removal of unwanted artifacts created by amniotic fluid and surrounding structures. In the past, results such as these usually required multiple manual parameter changes. SFVI™ enables high quality results with less effort & time.