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Delayed contrast enhancement of hepatic parenchyma after intravenous sonographic contrast agent: unusual phenomenon. Case report and review of literature

Authors and affiliations David Laszlo Tarnoki, Adam Domonkos Tarnoki, Hunor Sukosd, Aniko Folhoffer & Zoltan Harkanyi Open Access |Review Paper...
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RealisticVue and CrystalVue: a pictorial view in obstetrics practice

Gianpaolo Grisolia, M.D.  |  2018.05.21

RealisticVue™ and CrystalVue™ : a pictorial view in obstetrics practice

The impressive and high definition snapshots of the fetus, closely resembling reality, obtained with the combined application of RealisticVue™ and CrystalVue™ may add substantial information over conventional rendering mode, improving the antenatal diagnosis of fetal malformations. The uptake of these techniques will be accelerated by it's ease of use, intuitive toolbar and short learning curve.